Tactics Lesson 5 Index

Pulling King to Bad Squares. This lesson is a more focused application of the “luring” principle of tactical play covered in a previous tactics tutorial, involving drawing pieces and pawns to “bad squares.” In this lesson, examples are utilized to show how to spot opportunities to pull the opposing King to a bad square. A bad square for the King most often is thought of being entombed or trapped so that a mating net can be woven for a checkmate/win. However, this tactical principle is much broader and involves thinking about the full range of tactical moves and strategical goals, especially skewers, pins, and forks. A concentration of the lesson is to develop an appreciation for board play aimed at not only attacking the opposing King, but utilizing attacks or threatened attacks to lure (or pull) the King to a bad square for purposes ranging from developing mating nets to developing attacks and capturing of other pieces and pawns. The problems cover a range of strategical goals utilizing luring and pulling of the King through foresight using a range of tactical moves and pawn advances alone and in combinations including forks and fork checks, pins, double attacks, and so on. The solution [and any variation(s)] for each problem with annotation and commentary follow the problem’s board.