Correspondence Chess

There are many good organizations, leagues, clubs, and websites for CC which you may join and/or through which you may learn more information about opportunities (e.g., news, games, & tournaments), information, downloads, and supplies (playbooks, etc.).

The International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) has established a notation system called Numeric, which is sigificantly different than common notation systems such as Algebraic.  The Numeric notation system utilizes square-numbering for the 64 squares on the board, not file and rank system.  The Numeric notation system is explained and reviewed in the Notations section.  Not all organizations utilize the Numeric notation system.  Notably, the United States Chess Federation (USCF)s requires use of Algebraic notation for games and tournaments played through USCF’s Correspondence Chess, unless the players agree to a different notation system.

Both the ICCF and USCF have established sets of rules for CC governing play through their organizations.  As with playing in any organization, club, or tournament, you should always check to ensure you have the most current version of the rules governing playing chess for the particular setting in which you are playing.  In some instances, you may also find available valuable supplements such as clarifications, interpretations, and rulings that may assist you in understanding and applying the rules.