ECO List Index

Contains a complete listing of all 500 Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) codes,
A00 to E99, grouped by codes and openings

[main source: – Help Files ECO2…list courtesy of Lasker27y]
Available at is a huge free library of pgn files
for downloading associated with each ECO code and the variations.

ECO A00-A49  ECO A5-A99   ECO B0-B49   ECO B50-B99   ECO C0-C49

ECO C5-C99   ECO D0-D49   ECO D50-D99   ECO E0-E49    ECO E50-E99

Codes Grouped By Main ECO OpeningsA00-03 Unusual White Opening Moves
A04-09 The Reti Opening
A10-39 The English Opening
A40-55 Miscellaneous Queen’s Pawn Openings
A56-79 The Benoni Defense
A80-99 The Dutch Defense
B00-01 Miscellaneous Replies to e4
B02-05 Alekhine’s Defense
B06-09 The Modern/Pirc/Ufimtsev group
B10-19 The Caro-Kann Defense
B20-99 The Sicilian Defense
C00-19 The French Defense
C20-29 The Romantic Openings (C20-29)
C30-39 The King’s Gambit
C40-49 Double King Pawn games with 2. Nf3
C50-59 Italian Game
C60-99 The Ruy Lopez
D00-09 The Queen’s Pawn Game
C10-19 The Slav Defense
D20-29 The Queen’s Gambit Accepted
D30-69 The Queen’s Gambit Declined
D70-79 The Grunfeld Defense and Neo-Grunfeld
E00-09 The Catalan Opening
E12-19 The Queen’s Indian Defense
E20-59 The Nimzo-Indian Defense
E60-99 The King’s Indian Defense