Introduction to Chess Downloads (pdf files)

Introduction to Chess

Objective of the Game

Checkmate, Draw, Stalemate, Types of Checks, Anatomy of Mate,
Mating Pattern, and Mating Net

ObjectivePart1.pdf   ObjectivePart2.pdf   ObjectivePart3.pdf

Simple Checkmates


Rapid Checkmates (Fool’s Mate, Three-Move Mate, Scholar’s Mate


Alternatives to Mate – Resignation, Stalemate, & Draw


The Chess Set: the Chessboard, the Pieces and the pawns

Chess_intro1.pdf (90KB)

The Pieces & the pawns with Introduction to using English Algebraic and Symbols
in Chess Notation and an Observation Regarding Learning Chess

Chess_intro2.pdf (137KB)

Moving Pieces & Advancing Pawns – in 4 Parts

Chess_intro3-1.pdf (42KB)

Chess_intro3-2.pdf (358KB)

Chess_intro3-4.pdf (39KB)

The Pieces & the pawns (individual tutorials)

The King (146KB)

The Castle Move or Castling (704KB)

The Queen

(available as full lesson (1936KB), or in separate smaller files)

The Rook (97KB)

The Bishop (to be posted)

The Knight (4 files)

The pawns (to be posted)

Chess Notation

Introduction, Section I: General Notations and Symbols, Order of Notations, & Styles for Noting Moves, Section II: English Algebraic, and Section III: Figurine Algebraic

notation.pdf (387KB)

English Descriptive (Section IV)

descriptive_notation.pdf (557KB)

PGN (Section V)

pgn.pdf (93KB)

Numeric Annotation Glyphs (NAGs) (Section V.A)

NAG.pdf (63KB)

Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) (Section V.B)

FEN.pdf (60KB)

Numeric for Correspondence Chess

numeric.pdf (444KB)

Chess Symbols

symbols.pdf (988KB)

Opening the Game

Chess_intro4.pdf (9KB)

Fundamental Concepts

Chess_intro5.pdf (26KB)

Phases of the Game: The Opening, The Middlegame, and The Endgame

Full Tutorial

Chess_intro6.pdf (92KB)

Phases of the Game: The Opening

Chess_intro6a.pdf (15KB)

Phases of the Game: The Middlegame

Chess_intro6b.pdf (17KB)

Phases of the Game: The Endgame

Chess_intro6c.pdf (14KB)

Phases of the Game: General Advice on Endgames –

1 key idea, 3 principles, 15 general laws, practical guides and 6 tips

Chess_intro6d.pdf (52KB)

Open and Closed Games

Chess_intro7.pdf (33KB)

Introduction to Chess     General Lessons     Beginner Lessons

Advanced Lessons     Endgame Lessons     Tactics and Strategy Lessons