New Chess Backgrounds Series-Page 1

This page’s background is the 14th chess background image in this new series. All images are 1200×1000 and <30KB. Clicking on the CHANGE BACKGROUND text link above each background image shown below in reduced size will change the background image on this page to the selected background. This requires a JAVA enabled browser. If you do not have a JAVA enable browser or otherwise wish to view a test page, then CLICK ON THE BACKGROUND IMAGE or text link below the image to bring up a test page showing that background in a new browser window. To save a background image, move cursor over any area where the background image appears (whether on his page or a test page), right click, and then utilize the browser specific procedure for saving a background image (e.g., in Netscape after right clicking, click on “View Background Image” and then when it comes up using either the “Save Page As” command under “File” in the Menu or right clicking and clicking “Save Page As”). If you are saving from a test page…close that browser window to return here. You may retain the name or freely rename the image, and freely use the image.