I want to thank everyone who has visited my site, utilized its resources, and contributed to my endeavors over these past many years.  I came to view the site as my “labor of love.”  Due to many factors such as personal (including medical issues and work matters) and others, I have decided to no longer update my website or provide new material.  However, due to requests for materials from my website, I have archived it and you may access my archived site and its materials using this link: Mark Lowery’s Lowery Exciting World of Chess – Archived Site.  Due to numerous requests, I have changed the archive so that the links back to my Chess home on pages will return you to main archive page.

There are also many excellent chess websites for learning.  Also, links to specific webpages within my site from other sites will still work, as will links in your favorites to specific pages.  You may contact me, if you desire to keep in touch, or obtain specific tutorials, lessons, and other materials from my website that are no longer available through direct links from this page.

I also will be maintaining – for now – my chess webrings.