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A person who argues with a fool
forgets to consider:
Who is really the fool?




The website of a charity I strongly support and recommend, having suffered and almost died from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in August-September 1998. ARDS Story. ARDS is a terrifying life-threatening lung condition that strikes thousands and thousands of people every year (more than from breast cancer) without warning. The mortality rate is now around 40%; that is down, fortunately, from around 70% just a few years ago-due to medical advances from heightened attention paid to the syndrome by doctors and medical personnel, better reporting of incidences, increased research, and development of support services for those confronting ARDS. Much more needs to be done. ARDS develops rapidly, mimics many other significant medical conditions, and the downhill slide of the person it strikes is frightful, making timely accurate diagnosis a premium. ARDS causes devastation (personal and financial) to the many people who are striken, as well as their family members and friends [“What do you mean my (pick one-husband, mother, brother, sister, companion, friend, etc.) is on life-support? He or she was fine this morning!!!”]. Forewarned is forearmed they say.