Recommended Readings

The following is my list of recommended readings. The first book was one recommended to me by my chess coach, Don Steers. I think it is perhaps the best book I have seen for beginners to develop the concepts surrounding openings, and indeed for players in general to use as a review and brush up on basics from time to time as well. A player needs to be familiar with the English Descriptive notation style as that is used in the book. The second, fifth, and ninth books are also highly recommended and I think very easy for beginners and novices to use to develop good chess playing habits. The third and fourth books are very highly recommended for their general easy reading and presentation styles, which greatly helps to understand concepts, terminology (words and phrases) used and what they mean, chess notation, and the basics leading into more complex analysis tactics and strategy for openings, as well as middlegame and endgame positions. Many books have been printed in several different editions so I include here the full book reference from those in my own collection, although the book you purchase might be a different one.

1.IdeasThe Ideas Behind the Chess Openingsalgebraic notation, Reuben Fine [McKay Chess Library] (1989 Random House).






2.The Complete Chess Player
Fred Reinfeld
(Fireside Book) (1951 renewed 1981 Simon & Schuster).

3.The Complete Book of Chess Strategy Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z
IM Jeremy Silman (1st ed. 1998 Siles Press).

4.The Mammoth Book of ChessGraham Burgess [revised edition 2000 including Internet and Computer Chess] Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc.).

5.Art of the AttackVladimir Vukovic [Everyman Chess] (2002 reprint, 1993 Cadogan Books plc now Everyman Publishers plc).

6.Dvoretsky’s Endgame ManualMark Dvoretsky (2nd Ed., Russell Enterprises).

7.Art of the Middle GameThe Art of the Middle GamePaul Keres and Alexander Kotov (translated by H. Golombek, 1989 Dover ed., Dover Publications, Inc.) .






8.Logical ChessIrvin Chernev (new algebraic edition, 2003 Batsford).

9.An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for BlackA complete system for Black based on 1…d6!
Houni Yrjola and Jussi Tella (2001 Gambit Publications Ltd.).

10.Bobby Fischer Teaches ChessBobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, Ph.D., Don Mosenfelder (1972 ed. Bantam Books).

11.200 Open GamesDavid Bronstein (translated by Philip J. Booth, 1973, Dover Publications, Inc.).

12.Basic Chess OpeningsGabor Kallai [Everman Chess] (reprint 2000; 1997 Cadogan Books plc now Everman Publishers plc).

13.Samurai Chess – Mastering Strategic Thinking Through the Martial Art of the MindMichael J. Gelb & Raymond Keene (in US: 1998 Walker Publishing Co., Inc.; in Britain 1997 Aurum Press).

14.Modern Chess Openingscompletely revised 14th edition, Nick de Firmian, David McKay Company, Inc., New York, 1999).

15.The Fireside Book of Chessselected & edited by Irving Chenev & Fred Reinfeld
(A Fireside Book, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1949).
This book was reprinted in 1971, but is now out of print and you may look for it in a “used” or “old” bookstore. The original 1949 edition in excellent like new condition naturally can be expensive, however good used books are very reasonably & cheap. availability for this book is in used & collectible conditions for very cheap & reasonable prices, both in the original 1949 & 1971 editions. The following link is not a popup window and takes you off my website to, so bookmark (Netscape) or add to “Favorites” (Internet Explorer) and return to visit my Exciting World of Chess!