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FIDE-World Chess Federation


FIDE’s Official Laws of Chess


USCF-United States Chess Federation


Chess History
has origin being in India with introduction into Persia, with which I disagree for the reasons noted in The Origin of Chess section


           Looking for chess game database files??? Checkout:


Free Chess Files

The amazing Homepage of Lars Balzer-Links to chess games around the internet that you can download for free! Find chess games of every level!
A truly wonderful site with a huge collection of games for online exploration of openings, along with a discussion forum. A must visit site if you want to explore openings. Its “Opening Explorer” is a true marvel to use!
A marvelous online “tutor” site provided through Features a high-speed Java-based interactive chess board, which connects you with the biggest online database (2 million games and counting) for interactive search and analysis. The database is updated weekly with thousands of games played worldwide. Chess games in the database are searchable by position, year, and names of the players (full or partial). You can search by opening name or code. Games after 1997 also are searchable by rating and location. A must visit site to examine & explore openings!


Seagaard ChessReviews

A wonderful resource site for obtaining reviews of books, software, and videos. You can use the top menu to navigate, or use the very nice search engine which allows searching by Title, Publisher, From Year/ToYear, and Author. The search engine is accessed by the little search engine logo at the far right of the top menu.
Click Here if you want to go directly to its search engine

The DarkSide Project
Lots of pgn files for free downloading from national championships. Also, a fascinating website devoted to creating chess programming code
with lots of other great stuff!


pgn, FEN, NAG, EPD – Resource Guide
For the adventurous ones out there who are interested in learning to construct chess games and tutorials using Portable Notation Graphics (pgn), Forysyth-Edwards Notation (FEN), Numeric Annotation Glyphs (NAG), and Extended Position Description (EPD), this is an excellent technical resource
on the Internet

Exquisite unusual chess sets & other chess collectibles, books, programs, and items galore!!!


Cajun Chess
Tournaments. Buy chess pieces, sets, boards,
clocks and more at wholesale prices!


MyChessSite Top Chess Sites!
Click & then Scroll List, Find My Site in the List,
and Rank It! Improve My Ranking!!!

Surf this wonderful resource site by clicking link to right: MyChessSite


Chesskix’s Mind Games


Virginia Chess Federation

I highly recommend that if you wish to study and learn chess, taking lessons from a chess coach is an excellent method to employ. There are many good chess coaches from Grand Masters to superior players widely available. I use Don Steers who has the handle ChessCoach on the Internet Chess Club (ICC). Don’s website is ChessCoach – Don Steers. If you belong to the ICC, you may also send him a message or contact him through a tell when he is online (sometimes he is busy when online and not able to respond to tells right away, so it is usually best to send him a message on ICC).

LeChess Club
a great online playing club!


I also recommend James F. Howell
Chess Course

The site is new (at the time of writing this), but already has some free downloads and other things to purchase for use with Bookup for learning and improving chess playing skills. He also provides chess lessons, including playing games and doing analysis with you during them, along with chess teaching and tutoring.

I also recommend U.S.C.F Life-Master A.J. Goldsby I

A.J.’s World
and A.J.’s Chess Home Page
and A.J.’s Chess Pages on A.-F. (Angefire)

A.J.’s chess sites are a treasure trove. For several years, The National Chess Federation of FRANCE has said that A.J.’s Chess Pages on A.-F. is one of the finest chess web sites on the web. A.J.’s Chess Home Page site was voted to be: (the) “Best General Chess Web Site” for 2004, by The Chess Journalists of America!! [The CJA site;]. He also is one of the “teachers” (an Academy Chess Instructor) and recently started a monthly column (2005) at Dan Thomasson’s World Chess Academy ( He also does book reviews at I’m proud to say that in his March 2005 column (#03), he provided a link to my website, specifically for the “Epaulette Mate”. His March column also advocates and reviews learning conceptualization points that I stress here at my website.

I also recommend the World Chess Academy

Created from a first time meeting of Dan Thomasson and Boris Tomic in the summer of mid-2004 in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina at the city center square where chess enthusiasts were playing chess outdoors. “The World Chess Academy (WCA) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. We rely solely on donations and grants to pay for classroom rentals, chess supplies, business expenses, teachers, and to keep this Web site up and running. The purpose of the Academy is to teach chess at all levels in a tournament-type environment. We use instructional chess videos (DVDs) from Grandmasters such as Roman Dzindzichashvili, and other training materials from GM Gabriel Schwartzman, GM Yasser Seirawan, GM Patrick Wolff, IM Josh Waitskin, and Life-Master A.J. Goldsby. We also have a library of chess books that members check out weekly.”


The Team 45-45 League of
is associated with STC and designed for team tournaments
with 45-45 time control games.
Has its own channel on ICC and provides lectures, learning opportunities galore, and slow-time control playing of games!


Pawnmates Slowtimers
for playing slow time controls games and tournaments


Play multi-player or single chess games online! Join a team and expand
your horizons!
If you join as a premium member
put in my user name – mal57 – as referrer.
A free chess server where beginners can challenge the computer while reading the latest news in several different languages. The computer thinks only 2 half moves ahead, so give it a go and try to beat it. It’s possible to change the settings to suit stronger players. Have fun!

FICS-Free Internet Chess Service
(for playing free online games)


Cow Play
play multi-player chess games online!


Chess at
for games and tournaments


The STC Bunch, LeChess Club, The Team 45-45 League, ICC, Pawnmates Slowtimers, GameKnot, and FICS provide numerous tournaments and other avenues for playing games, individually, as part of teams, Quads, and more. STC, LeChess Club, and ICC have excellent resources for regular training lessons and reviews, teaching sessions by Grand Masters and others, and many Grand Masters and other Masters will play simulations against multiple players at the same time. ICC also has training BOTs – its online program for teaching you specific skills and showing you specific game positions requiring you to solve the BOT’s request – e.g., get checkmate or a stalemate or win or draw in a particular number of moves. There are literally thousands of other avenues for you to pursue as well if you desire. There is no lack of resources open to you, no matter what level to which you aspire.

Click Here for My Links page for Yahoo Chess Clubs
(includes links to Yahoo Games Chess, and an online tool and download (zipped) program to convert Yahoo game results to pgn format)
“Chessville: meeting a wide variety of chess-related needs, including instruction and advice, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess-related web links, downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a discussion forum, an online chess league, and more!” A great resource. I highly recommend subscribing to its Chessville Weekly, an online e-mailed newsletter.


Chess Today
A great resource including daily emails with problems, downloads, news from around the chess world, puzzles, interviews, book reviews and instructional materials. Their specialty – well annotated games by Grandmasters and International Masters – Alexander Baburin, Mikhail Golubev, Maxim Notkin and others. They analyze interesting and important recent games and present them with notes and explanations.


The Week in Chess Magazine
Another great resource. Sponsored by the London Chess Center, an online magazine with great problems and reviews (lots of available downloads!), news, links, and resources!


International Master Jeremy Silman’s website
has great instructional lessons, tutorials, and archives of articles and information.


The Exeter Chess Club
Chess Coaching Page

has excellent tutorials & free chess training handouts. Extensive topical coverage for beginner through upper levels of play.


50 Chess Games for Beginners
Interactive studying of selected games for beginners. This site also has many other very useful chess related items. A good educational tool to use.


Chess Visualization Training
Free exercises to increase your chess vision.


Correspondence Chess
(check Correspondence Chess section for additional links)


ICCF-The International Correspondence Chess Federation


USCF’s Correspondence Chess Section


The Campbell Report
for Correspondence Chess


Chess Glossary
Want to find out what something means, check it out.


Chess Central
A great resource for obtaining Chess Software, Free Chess Downloads,
Books, etc., for learning tactics & strategy.

Chess Express


Need a Chess Table or Chess Tables?
They’re our specialty!
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