Rook, Knight, and a pawn Mate

Usually seen in endgames, this mate “is extremely useful to know.” The combination of a Rook, Knight, and a pawn often proves to be a very potent fighting unit against an opposing King in an endgame. There are two primary mating positions as shown below, followed by an interactive board with an endgame example.
[Source credit: The Complete Book of Chess Strategy, IM Jeremy Silman, at page 168]


DIAGRAMS: Rook, Knight, a pawn-Barebones Mating Positions

DIAGRAM RNP-1Rook, Knight, pawn Mate Position 1 DIAGRAM RNP-2Rook, Knight, pawn Mate Position 2



DIAGRAM RNP-3 Game Example

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Rook, Knight, and a pawn Mate (example)1.Rd8+ Kf7
[1…Kh7 2.Rh8#]

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