Morphy’s Mate

Rook and Bishop mating pattern, named for a mate delivered by Paul Morphy. Morphy was in his time the most influential American player and a tactical genius. This mate involves opening the g file against an opposing King castled to the Kingside, gaining control of the g file with a Rook forcing the opposing King to h1 for White or h8 for Black, because of blocking and preventing escape to f1, f2, and h2 for White, or f7, f8, and h7 for Black, by opposing pawns and/or opposing pieces. The Bishop then delivers checkmate along the long diagonal flowing through g2 against White or g7 against Black, often from the f6 square against Black and f3 square against White.
[Source credit: The Complete Book of Chess Strategy, IM Jeremy Silman, at page 164]


emptyMorphy’s Mate-Barebones Mating Position

DIAGRAM MM-1AMorphys_Mate


DIAGRAM MM-1B – Morphy’s Mate Endgame Example

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