Greco’s Mate

This mating pattern and mating net follows the very common theme of bringing pressure to bear against f7 and h7 against Black’s King castled to the Kingside. The basic elements are:

  • White having a Knight at g5 and Queen at h5 threatening checkmate at h7, forcing Black to move h6 to block the checkmate;
  • White’s King Bishop in the a2 to f8 diagonal;
  • Black’s King blocked in by Black’s Rook at f8 and Black pawns at f7, g7, and h7;
  • entombing Black’s King at h8; and
  • White sacrificing his or her Knight to open the h file allowing White to checkmate with the Queen in the open h file.

[Source Credit: The Complete Book of Chess Strategy, IM Jeremy Silman, at page 162]



Grecos’s Mate-Barebones Mating Position





DIAGRAM GM-1B – Game Example

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1…h6 2.Bxf7+ Kh8
[2…Rxf7 3.Qxf7+ Kh8 4.Qf8#]

3.Qg6 hxg5 4.Qh5# 


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