Basic Bishop Moving and Capturing – HTML

Look at the chessboard below (using white and tan squares to show a variation on colors) and the position of the Bishops for White and Black. What moves and/or captures may each Bishop do?


The MOVES and/or CAPTURES are as follows:

If it is Black’s MOVE:

Black’s King’s Bishop at g7:   may MOVE to f8 (Bg8) or h6 (Bh6);   may CAPTURE White’s Knight
at f6 (Bxf6).

Black’s Queen’s Bishop at f5:   may MOVE to g4 (Bg4) or h3 (Bh3);   may CAPTURE White’s pawn
at e4 (Bxe4).

If it is White’s MOVE:

White’s Queen’s Bishop at f2:    may NOT MOVE;   CANNOT CAPTURE.

White’s King’s Bishop at b1:   may MOVE to c2 (Bc2) or d3 (Bd3);   CANNOT CAPTURE.