Basic Bishop Moving and Capturing (Java)

Look at the chessboard below (using white and tan squares for variation) and the position of the Bishops for White and Black. What moves and/or captures may each Bishop do?

The MOVES and/or CAPTURES are as follows [with algebraic chess notation provided in the ( )].


If it is Black’s MOVE:
Black’s King Bishop at g7:   may MOVE to f8 (Bg8) or h6 (Bh6);   may CAPTURE White’s Knight at f6 (Bxf6).

Black’s Queen Bishop at f5:   may MOVE to g4 (Bg4) or h3 (Bh3);   may CAPTURE White’s pawn at e4 (Bxe4).


If it is White’s MOVE:
White’s Queen Bishop at f2:   may NOT MOVE;   CANNOT CAPTURE.

White’s King Bishop at b1:   may MOVE to c2 (Bc2) or d3 (Bd3);   CANNOT CAPTURE.