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Rainbow 1
Rainbow 2
Black with Large Color Dots
Black with Small Color Dots
Black with Color Lines
Black with White Stars
Left Border
Following are complex combinations creating Marquee effects.
Marquee Effect Using Rainbow 1
Marquee Effect using Rainbow 2
Marquee Effect using Grey Bullet
Following are combined BACKGROUND and BGCOLOR in BODY tag.
Requires specifying both the BACKGROUND="..." (location for
background image) and BGCOLOR="..." (name or # of color)
in the BODY tag.
Blinking Spots, White BGCOLOR
Blinking Rectangles, White BGCOLOR
Blinking Spots, Green BGCOLOR
Blinking Rectangles, Orange BGCOLOR
Blinking Spots, Maroon BGCOLOR
Blinking Rectangles, Yellow BGCOLOR
Blinking Spots, Magenta BGCOLOR
Blinking Rectangles, Aqua BGCOLOR
Blinking Spots, Navy BGCOLOR
Blinking Rectangles, Blue BGCOLOR
Blinking Spots, Red BGCOLOR
Blinking Spots, Gold BGCOLOR
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